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The Purpose Driven Artist

Shennel Patrick, better known as Nelli, is a Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert and a Serial Creative whose vision extends far beyond the palette. She’s making strides in the beauty industry, landing celebrity clients, magazine features, and  success as a Beauty Educator + Content Creator. Nelli’s unwavering ambition and stubborn determination have meant that not even a challenging childhood, many difficult years as an undocumented immigrant in the concrete jungles of Brooklyn, or a near-fatal car accident could deter her passion for Makeup Artistry and all things Beauty. 

Nelli's commitment to her Artistry is total - MIND, BODY + SPIRIT. God being the ultimate Creator + Artist, she believes He places a calling over the lives of the ones He blesses with His gifts.  Far beyond tips + techniques, she also believes her purpose as an Educator is to enlighten Artists (particularly in the Beauty Industry) on the importance of staying connected to the Giver of their gifts in order to manifest it's intended power. Your gifts can only make room for you through TOTAL submission to God. Nelli would love to educate Makeup Artists internationally and hopes to launch her own product line in the future.


"God has begun a good work and I'm excited to be a vessel." xoxo Nelli


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